Acid and carbonation attacks on concrete

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Acid and carbonation attacks on concrete

With concrete repair, we strive to restore your structure or building. The team does so using the most efficient methods available. One single strategy isn’t enough however. We must use a different one for every project. There is no cause for concern though; our people have what it takes to get things done.

When concrete constructs are vulnerable to chemical attacks, their durability suffers. It is possible for the chemicals to cause volume changes and cracking. The structure’s lifespan suffers as well, resulting in its failure earlier than it should. To prevent this, you need to be familiar with the types of chemical attack.


It is possible for carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to infiltrate your concrete. It will then react with calcium hydroxide. This will form calcium carbonate. We refer to this process as carbonation.

In general, concrete with a high alkaline content has a protective layer. This encircles the reinforcement. However, the carbon can transform into dilute carbonic acid. If it does, it will lower the alkalinity. As a result, corrosion shall occur.

Watch out for the acid

concrete repairYou should also watch out for acid attacks on concrete. It is easy for this to happen. The reason is that the material is not completely resistant to acids. There are also some substances that are not harmful to the material. Examples include phosphoric and oxalic acids. Calcareous aggregates are more vulnerable whereas siliceous ones have decent resistance.

The damage to your concrete shall also depend on the acid solution’s pH level. If it is low, expect severe damage.

At Churchill CT, we perform concrete repair on a wide variety of structures. We start by figuring out the cause of your issues. With this info, we can come up with a long-term strategy. The aim here is to ensure the structure will be strong and stable for as long as possible.

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