Advice on waterproofing concrete houses

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Advice on waterproofing concrete houses

Every structure has a weak point no matter how strong the building materials are. This includes structures made out of concrete. You’ll want to make sure you stay on top of any current or prospective issues. To do this, you need to use the right service. Our company specialises in joint sealing and waterproofing as well as many other things relating to concrete. As a result you can use our talents to protect the structure.

You might be someone that’s creating a concrete foundation. Alternatively, bigger sections of your house may involve the material. Whatever the case, you’ll want to think about waterproofing. This way, your rooms shall remain in a pleasant state. Saying this, a bona fide concrete house will probably be more water resistant than regular constructs to begin with. Only door and window openings, joints, or cracks should demand your attention. However, if you want to waterproof anyway, we have some advice for you.

Is waterproofing essential?

Joint sealing and waterproofingStart by determining whether your material requires waterproofing. Insulated concrete tends to be more water resistant than other types. It’s the same with precast panels and also core-formed concrete. This means they rarely require extra protection. On the other hand, people tend to coat their pre-fabricated concrete’s outside walls more for aesthetics than anything else. Ask someone for assistance if you’re unsure.

What type of waterproofing?

If it proves necessary, you must choose a suitable option. Those who want to be economical as well as quick can go for a liquid membrane. Normally, they’re polymer-based coatings. You can roll, trowel, or spray them directly onto your concrete. For consistency, you can try a self-adhering sheet membrane. They offer even thickness. You’ll need an extra pair of hands to install them so ask for aid.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we understand the importance of joint sealing and waterproofing. Before we start working, we make sure to consider every factor. This way, we can reduce the chances of something going wrong.

If there is anything you’d like to speak to us about, please get in touch.