Alkali silica reaction and its effects

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Alkali silica reaction and its effects

With our concrete bridge repair service, the goal is to restore your structure using the most efficient methods possible. Our team members know that a long-term solution is the only one that will really work. As such, that is always what they strive to provide.

Concrete bridge repairIn the majority of instances, reinforced concrete is a sturdy material. Its life expectancy can therefore exceed 100 years. However, there are several defects capable of lowering its durability. This can lead to maintenance and repairs becoming necessary much sooner than they should. The one we’re going to talk about here is alkali silica reaction (ASR).

What is it?

ASR is a chemical reaction. It occurs between the alkali in cement and aggregate particles. Because it is a silicate, it absorbs water and swells. This causes stresses that have the ability to fracture concrete. Sometimes, though not always, you can see a white substance emerging from the concrete’s cracks. This is the silicate. ASR typically happens during the initial twenty years of a concrete structure’s life.

The cracks

The cracks that originate from ASR usually form a map shape in unreinforced or lightly reinforced concrete. In pre-stressed and heavily reinforced elements, the cracks have a higher chance of being coincident. This is with the pre-stressing steel and main reinforcement. It’s possible for the cracking to be extreme. Often, this detracts from the bridge’s aesthetic. In most scenarios however, the structural consequences are restricted.

The cracks created by ASR can increase the risk of secondary reinforcement corrosion too. This occurs at a later date.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we supply clients with a world class service. Part of this involves us establishing the root cause of your bridge’s problems. From there, we can figure out what the best course of action would be. As a result we can offer the most reliable long term concrete bridge repair service.

If you would like to work with us, feel free to contact the team anytime. We have experience of working on various bridges, including large and small spans on quite and busy routes.