Are the cracks active or dormant?

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Are the cracks active or dormant?

The goal with every structural repair job is to restore the property to its former state. In addition to this, Churchill CT focuses on long term solutions. This way, clients can enjoy their edifice for years with easier maintenance and less frequent repairs. Our work is tough, but we are ready for the challenge.

General concrete repair and fixing cracks are integral for the aesthetics and safety of your structure. The tricky thing is cracks can appear in a myriad of settings. Examples include patios, walkways, bridges, and loading bays. As a result you need to keep an eye on every part of structures.

Get the right advice

Prior to approaching the structural repair work, it is wise to consult a structural engineer. They can offer you the guidance you require in these situations. You should also identify whether a crack is dormant or active. This will determine what kind of solution you need.

What is the difference?

Those cracks in danger of moving or growing and causing further harm are active ones. As a result, they require your immediate attention so the issue does not get worse. Dormant cracks are in a stable condition. However, it is still worth the effort to seal and waterproof them.

Figuring out what type of crack it is

There are several methods you can use to determine which crack is which. The easiest and cheapest strategy would be to measure it. Do so in two or three spots at frequent interims, perhaps once a week or even every day. This should help you figure out if a crack is or isn’t growing.

structural repairFixing the problem

To fix a dormant crack, you can use rigid fillers and sealants like epoxy and cement. As for active cracks, the most comprehensive technique you can employ is a polyurethane injection. It must be stronger and form a quality bond so that cracking won’t occur again quickly.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we tackle issues quickly and effectively, ensuring we offer reliable structural repair. Our team has come across all kinds of cracking over the years. As a result we have lots of experience that we can use to identify the type of crack. After this we use the most appropriate methods to repair the issue.

If you need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us. We work across the UK on various types of structure.