Be aware of discolouration and crazing

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Be aware of discolouration and crazing

If you need a concrete condition survey, then we are the company you should speak to. Performing these assessments is crucial to check the integrity of a structure. In other words, they work to keep everything safe. With our level of experience in the area, you can expect first-rate results.

Like other building substances, concrete deteriorates in time. However, there are many ways to fix damages and slow wear. One of them would be to perform a survey to notice problems before they happen. Responding at the initial sign of an issue is integral. The following complications are the ones you may encounter.


Firstly, we have discolouration. Dark or light patches can be a result of incorrect installation practices. Stains from materials like cleaning chemicals and automobile fluids also cause them.

It is vital to attend to the damage at the first given opportunity. This shall prevent discolouration from expanding over the whole concrete slab. It is possible to scrub the concrete using a stiff brush. A diluted vinegar solution may help. This will stop the problem and improve its appearance. In severe discolouration cases, you might need diammonium citrate or hydrochloric acid.

Tiny cracks

Another issue is crazing. This is a system of tiny cracks on the concrete’s surface. Crazing often happens because of improper curing or mixing during installation.

Luckily these cracks don’t extend down to the point where they influence the structural stability. Nonetheless, the fine lines could hurt your property’s aesthetic value. To find crazing, it is best to have a survey.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we give clients the peace of mind they are looking for with a concrete condition survey. They know that trusted experts are handling the surveys. As such, they can be confident that we will locate all the problems that exist.

If you require our help, please get in touch with us.