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The necessary conditions for structural strengthening

As one of the most common building materials in the world, people love concrete. It is no surprise though when you remember all of its beneficial qualities. Despite it being hard wearing with many potential uses, it will age the same way other materials do. In situations like this, you should invest in our structural strengthening services. Continue reading “The necessary conditions for structural strengthening” »

It pays to waterproof your basement and foundations

When working with concrete buildings, you must have waterproofing measures that cover the whole property. In addition, you need to pay attention to the joints. After all, they are the weakest points. Fortunately, we can help, using our first class joint sealing and waterproofing services to great effect. With them, we put the minds of our clients at ease. Continue reading “It pays to waterproof your basement and foundations” »

Replace or Repair? Helping you choose wisely

Concrete is a material many people use for their structures because of how durable it is. This will not last forever though, as time and other factors can speed up the deterioration process. Sometimes issues arise in terms of aesthetics and structural integrity. This can leave you considering whether to look to concrete repair or replacement. Continue reading “Replace or Repair? Helping you choose wisely” »

When should you look to structural strengthening?

When designing and building a structure, the aim is that they will last for decades to come. An important thing to remember is that engineering does not end after construction. In fact it continues through the life of the structure. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition. This includes using structural strengthening when it is necessary. Continue reading “When should you look to structural strengthening?” »