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Ensure that your surface is sound

Due to concrete’s versatile nature, you might be inclined to believe that working with it is a relatively simple process. This isn’t the case however; surface preparation is required before the general work if you want long lasting results. As experts when it comes to this type of work, we are the ones to call if you wish to get your money’s worth out of your concrete. Continue reading “Ensure that your surface is sound” »

Understanding where weakness truly lies

There have been countless advances in technology there’s no mistake about that. However, none of them have even come close to making concrete, one of the toughest substances on the planet, invincible. As such, joint sealing and waterproofing remain a vital aspect within the construction industry. Specialising in providing these services, we are the people to rely on if you believe your concrete structure is compromised. Continue reading “Understanding where weakness truly lies” »

Reinforced concrete needs corrosion control

Embedded steelwork is used to provide stability to concrete. The combination of materials, known as reinforced concrete, ensures the structure has the right characteristics and will be sound. It is a relatively simple process but provides great results. The technique is widely used, including in high-stress environments such as those with high wind loading or risk of earthquakes. Continue reading “Reinforced concrete needs corrosion control” »

The evolution of sunken concrete repair methods

When it comes to concrete repair, our company aims to give you a long-term solution rather than a simple short term fix. Concrete might be one of the toughest materials out there, but even it will wear and deteriorate over time. Therefore contingencies need to be put in place. Specialising in an array of repair techniques, we are the ones to call when wear becomes evident. Continue reading “The evolution of sunken concrete repair methods” »

One can examine concrete in many ways

With over 15 years of experience behind us, our privately owned and managed concrete repair company has had the pleasure of helping numerous clients. Providing a host of different solutions, including our all-important survey and testing services, we know all the ins and outs when it comes to concrete. Therefore, if you ever have any doubts about the integrity a structure or surface, we are the ones to call. Continue reading “One can examine concrete in many ways” »

What are some of the more common masonry problems?

As experts when it comes to everything to do with concrete, we aim to provide our clients with a host of cost effective and long-term repair solutions. Structural refurbishment is also included in our talent pool, with brick and masonry repairs being a particular favourite amongst our customers. Going to great lengths to not only ensure that the structure remains sound, but also that the designs are as they should be, our team is the one you can depend on. Continue reading “What are some of the more common masonry problems?” »

Protective coatings and surface preparation go hand in hand

Concrete is a substance that is a little more complex than people give it credit for. Before any kind of general use or building work occurs with the material, surface preparation is something that is required first. This is particularly true if protective coatings are being used. As a company with one of the finest reputations in the country for this variety of work, our results are always of top quality. Continue reading “Protective coatings and surface preparation go hand in hand” »

How do fillers and sealers differ?

Concrete repair is our area of expertise and what we seek to do is supply you with a long-term solution to your individual issues. Everything has its weaknesses, even a tough material like concrete, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to help. With our joint sealing and waterproofing service we apply the appropriate measures to assist in safeguarding structures against the detrimental effects of water. Continue reading “How do fillers and sealers differ?” »