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Making use of remedial wall ties

One of the leading causes of damage to brickwork and masonry is the corrosion of wall ties. Although they are designed to improve stability, a tie made of galvanised mild steel can suffer from corrosion once the protective layer is worn away. The steel will expand when this occurs, resulting in cracked bricks and mortar joints. The Churchill Concrete Technology team has seen this issue many times though and can provide professional brick and masonry repairs as a response. Continue reading “Making use of remedial wall ties” »

Pay attention to new concrete conditions

Our company is one that dedicates itself to providing customers with cost effective and long lasting concrete repair solutions. Experienced in surface preparation, in addition to a myriad of other areas, we see to it that your property’s structural integrity is the best it can be. Being a flexible establishment, we can tailor our services so that they match your distinct requirements. Continue reading “Pay attention to new concrete conditions” »

Preparing concrete for waterproofing

Our goal is to supply clients with solutions to their concrete based issues that are not only long lasting, but also cost effective. Despite its nature, concrete can and will wear out if you don’t protect it properly, especially against the likes of water. It is for this reason why we operate a joint sealing and waterproofing service, something you may wish to consider investing in if you’re concerned about the state of your own materials. Continue reading “Preparing concrete for waterproofing” »

Is corrosion control of concrete reinforcement bars required?

The goal at Churchill CT has always been to supply clients with long-term structural refurbishment and concrete repair services. To ensure that we get the best possible results from our efforts, we tailor the work that we do so that it does a better job of matching your specific requirements. Corrosion control is something we are particularly skilled at, with our team having a history of employing effective treatments that do wonders for concrete constructs. Continue reading “Is corrosion control of concrete reinforcement bars required?” »

What is sprayed concrete?

Sprayed concrete is a way of applying the material that ensures it can be supported without the need of form work. It is also called Gunite or Shotcrete. The process of Gunite was made in 1895, and then fully available in the early 1900s. The material is made into a dry state using compressed air to a nozzle. Water is then added to mix to hydrate the concrete before applying with velocity. Continue reading “What is sprayed concrete?” »

What type of surveying can be done on concrete?

With over 15 years of experience in being a contractor for repairing and managing concrete for blue chip clients, it is no wonder we have such an established reputation. We always work to support our clients and help them to build their knowledge. It is particularly important to understand why it is necessary to have periodic concrete survey and testing. Continue reading “What type of surveying can be done on concrete?” »

Carbon fibre – a powerful replacement to steel

Churchill Concrete Technology can provide an array of solutions to help retain and reinforce various structures. With over 15 years of experience contracting with major blue chip clients, we have amassed a vast array of knowledge. Not only do we provide concrete services, but we also have the best solutions in areas such as structural strengthening. Continue reading “Carbon fibre – a powerful replacement to steel” »