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Discussing construction, expansion and contraction joints

Concrete has a reputation for being one of the most enduring materials to build with. Regardless, it’s not indestructible. As a result it will start wearing down with enough time and the affects of different elements. Luckily our joint sealing and waterproofing service can help. Using it, we make certain there’s a sustainable solution. Continue reading “Discussing construction, expansion and contraction joints” »

Are your walls looking tired? No problem

Concrete is highly durable, however this does not mean that it will remain perfect forever. Wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements over time will damage it. This leaves the material compromised and looking poor. Specialist render and coatings can fix this though. With careful application it will last for many years and keep your walls protected. Continue reading “Are your walls looking tired? No problem” »

What do I need to consider with structural strengthening

Structural strengthening for concrete buildings is one of our most sought after services. This doesn’t surprise us because its importance is something we cannot understate. Regardless of the materials your structure uses, it will wear down eventually. There are also certain circumstances that cause this to happen more rapidly. In both situations, you need the assistance of someone you can depend on. We would be happy to fill this role. Continue reading “What do I need to consider with structural strengthening” »

Concrete problems you might not spot immediately

Our reliable services give people more confidence when they use different concretes. Not only do we repair surfaces, but we also inspect for signs of issues. Our concrete condition surveys are important for many reasons. For example we may find out that something is wrong that needs attention quickly. As a result you can take steps to fix the problem before it gets worse or someone gets hurt. Continue reading “Concrete problems you might not spot immediately” »