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Isn’t decent quality concrete already waterproof?

People often say that buildings are only as strong as their weakest points. This is also true of those made out of concrete. Water can cause a fair amount of damage to this material. As a result, a joint sealing and waterproofing service is usually necessary. Our company has experience in this area. We frequently assist clients with their needs. Continue reading “Isn’t decent quality concrete already waterproof?” »

Factors contributing to corrosion in concrete and steel reinforcement

As tough as concrete is, it is not immune to decay and damage. Luckily, we have a service that can help. Churchill CT specialises in corrosion control. We use it to protect against the different causes and minimise the threat. As a result it keeps your materials stronger for longer. We are a proven provider, so you can depend on us. Continue reading “Factors contributing to corrosion in concrete and steel reinforcement” »