Coat your concrete during curing and when it is in service

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Coat your concrete during curing and when it is in service

Concrete is durable and tough. However, it is always a great idea to have protective measures. As a result you can get the most out of your material. We can assist you with this. We offer specialist render and coatings for a wide array of concrete surfaces.

Concrete remains the most widely used building substance. It has several vital attributes that make it an excellent choice for construction. The material is naturally resistant to mould, insects, and UV light. It is formable too. Furthermore, it is non-combustible and relatively cheap when you compare to other mediums.

People often ask whether there is any point to coating concrete since it is already very strong. The answer to this is yes.

Why coat concrete?

In truth, there are many reasons why you would want to coat concrete. There are coatings out there for retaining moisture when the material cures. This is important and prevents it from drying out too fast. As a result the material has more time to develop the structural properties.

Similarly, there are coatings capable of halting moisture intrusion when the concrete is in service. This can minimise erosion and the risk of premature wear and failure. The coating can also help to protect reinforcements like steel rebar.

More than one coating

Some people use several types of coating during the curing process. This includes acrylic emulsions and water-based styrene acrylic.


It is true that concrete is highly durable and strong against water and UV light. Nevertheless, when cured it is vulnerable to chemicals. They lead to the loss of structural integrity and surface degradation. Since this is the case, you must choose a coating. There are some key parameters you can use here. They are the aesthetics and the building’s life cycle. The prevailing service environment is vital too.

Specialist render and coatingsAt Churchill Concrete Technology, we know how important specialist render and coatings are for concrete. With this knowledge, we know that there is no universal solution. We work with clients in order to find a bespoke one that will offer great results.

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