Concrete condition surveys are essential for structural performance

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Concrete condition surveys are essential for structural performance

Concrete condition surveys give you the assurance that your structure can perform to the right standard. This is regardless of whether it is a road, bridge, or high rise. You can learn about the quality of the structure and so can everyone using it. You also gain an insight into the life of the concrete and the level of maintenance it will require.

Why Test?

Concrete is a mixture of aggregates, water, and cement. The precise make up of the material and methods used to create the structure play a role in the quality. Some are stronger than others and there are those that are more absorbent; this excess water is not good for the strength of the structure.

The incredible durability of concrete provides resistance against forces like strong winds and floods. These fantastic qualities are why so many people use it. However, while it might be a reliable choice, you do need to keep an eye on it.

Testing the concrete

Your concrete might be old or brand new but testing is important in any situation. The proper methods to test it make it possible to know more about the material, including its elasticity and strength.

Testing can uncover issues like cracks and voids that can be very dangerous. There are also structures like bridges and parking garages which have to hold a lot of weight daily without failing.

A trained eye can spot the visual signs of defects and deterioration. With specialist surveys, an even more in-depth test can be done on the structure. There are numerous methods of testing and standards used in facilities to look at your concrete.pexels-photo-1241073

You need to be sure of the structural integrity, regardless of the size of the structure. It is crucial to call on the help of experts. This is for when you want to be sure that your structure is getting the level of care and attention to keep it in great shape. This is why Churchill are the people you can have confidence in. Our leading work takes various forms for comprehensive care.

Get in touch if you have an interest in concrete condition surveys or another service we offer. We can schedule a site visit and ensure we offer the right solution.