Discussing construction, expansion and contraction joints

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Discussing construction, expansion and contraction joints

Concrete has a reputation for being one of the most enduring materials to build with. Regardless, it’s not indestructible. As a result it will start wearing down with enough time and the affects of different elements. Luckily our joint sealing and waterproofing service can help. Using it, we make certain there’s a sustainable solution.

The use of concrete requires separate construction procedures to ensure efficient building. One of these is concrete joints. They consist of the joining of two concrete slabs using fitting techniques like reinforcement. In total, there are four kinds of joints. We base each on their strength distribution as well as the suitability.

Construction joints

We design these to enable displacement between each side of the slab. They also shift the stress on them from exterior loads with maximal effect. You install construction joints in line with a set joint layout. They need to have the ability to displace horizontally. At the same time, they must stop rotational or vertical movement.

Expansion joints

These are for concrete buildings that could change volume by expansion because of heat. The opening between the concrete slabs allows for an unrestrained expansion. This is so it can’t weaken the joint forcefully. Longer concrete structures tend to have a fixed amount of expansion joints.


This is the final joint we’re going to look at. It’s a groove inside a slab that results in a vertical plane. This stops particular concrete issues from spreading. Examples include water seepage and also cracking.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we know that every job requires special attention. Different circumstances surround each one. As such, we must work with the client to determine what the best course of action would be for them. This is also why our joint sealing and waterproofing is so dynamic.

If there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us. Our team have a wealth of experience, working in various settings on different types of structure. We always offer the best results because we have the right skills and equipment.