Don’t let the metals corrode

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Don’t let the metals corrode

Corrosion control is often essential when using concrete in your structures. It’s not enough simply to trust that the substance will endure; you need to do your part to protect it. This is something we can assist you with. When you have our service at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about your materials.

The corrosion of reinforcing steel and similar embedded metals causes concrete deterioration. Once the steel corrodes, the ensuing rust takes up more space than the steel. Tensile stresses then appear in the concrete. As a result spalling, delamination, and cracking occurs. To prevent this, we need to know what causes the metal to corrode.


There is one main cause of untimely corrosion in steel reinforcement. This is the exposure of reinforced concrete to chloride ions. The invasion of these ions can lead to corrosion if moisture and oxygen are present. They can support the reaction. You can find the ions in seawater and de-icing salts. Chlorides diffused in water can reach the steel via cracks and penetrate into the concrete. Chloride-containing admixtures are also capable of causing the rust.

Opposites corrode

Opposing metals in concrete can also result in corrosion issues. Let’s say that steel and aluminium encounter concrete. Rust can happen because both metals possess a special electrochemical potential. You can come across a similar effect in a standard torch battery. The carbon rod and zinc case are the metals here. The moist paste functions as the electrolyte. Once the rod and case become linked via a wire, current flows.

Steel is commonly embedded in concrete to increase the strength. If you embed aluminium into the material too it can cause corrosion. This has been seen to happen with things like handrails.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we aim to stop as much damage from taking place as possible. Before applying our corrosion solutions, we inspect every detail. It would be impossible to provide the right results otherwise. As soon as we have all the data we need we can provide a fast, effective solution.

If you require our help, please get in touch. We have the skills to work on various surfaces and cater for almost any need.