Factors contributing to corrosion in concrete and steel reinforcement

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Factors contributing to corrosion in concrete and steel reinforcement

As tough as concrete is, it is not immune to decay and damage. Luckily, we have a service that can help. Churchill CT specialises in corrosion control. We use it to protect against the different causes and minimise the threat. As a result it keeps your materials stronger for longer. We are a proven provider, so you can depend on us.

Several factors contribute to corrosion in concrete and its steel reinforcement. It is vital that you know what they are. With this knowledge, you will be in a better position to protect surfaces in the future. The following are things you must watch out for.

Damp and leaking

Firstly, we have dampness and leakage. Your concrete could be very permeable. If it is, the leakage and seepage from the basement, terrace, toilets, etc can cause corrosion of the steel bar inside your material. With early onset deterioration and corrosion, water leakage is the primary culprit. The reason why is that it is an electrolyte. Leaving the source of the seepage or leakage alone can lead to structural damage. Whilst repairing corrosion in structures, you should also take preventative action to stop leakages.

Soluble sulphates

The presence of chemicals such as soluble sulphates can prove problematic here too. The soluble sulphate of clay bricks, soil water, and groundwater can all react with cement concrete’s tricalcium aluminate if there is enough moisture. Such a chemical reaction results in expansion. It also causes the concrete reinforcement to corrode. Another word for this reaction is a sulphate attack.

corrosion controlElectrolysis

Finally, we have electrolysis. You may not have grounded your electrical set up correctly for leaky current or high voltage. If this is the case, direct current that passes through the rebar or concrete can cause corrosion.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we know that every situation demands its own corrosion control solution. The truth is that there is no general method to use here. Instead you must adapt to match every set of circumstances to get the right results.

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