How structural and non-structural cracks differ

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How structural and non-structural cracks differ

Finding a crack in your concrete can be incredibly worrying. Even those cracks that start out small can develop into something that threatens the structural integrity. If you ever find an issue, you can rely on our team. We offer many services, including structural repair.

How does damage occur?

There are different things that can cause concrete cracks and damage. This includes mechanical impact, subsidence, and ground movement. The latter can be natural or as a result of timber decay as well as water ingress. Some of these are more likely to cause serious issues, but it is impossible to know the severity until an inspection is done.


A crack might appear in the foundation of a structure that does not hurt the integrity. These are typically very thin and less than 3mm in width. Changes in the weather, temperature, and moisture levels can all cause them. Poor original construction, concrete quality, and curing methods can also result in non-structural cracks.

While it might not be serious, it is still important to attend to any cracks. You need to monitor them and have someone repair issues as soon as possible. This is because a problem can worsen quickly. Fixing it will also prevent leaks where water enters the concrete and erodes it.


It is often a structural issue if the crack is wider than 3mm. However it is crucial that you use the expertise of a specialist to understand the severity.

A structural crack will often occur alongside another issue in the structure like sloping floors. You need to immediately repair this kind of problem. They are easy to spot and can appear in various shapes and sizes in different locations. These might include the foundation, walls or staircases and extend towards the top of the structure.

There are many reasons a crack might occur and there are also multiple repair strategies. You can always have confidence in us when your concrete structure is in need of structural repair. We utilise modern techniques that allow for effective tackling of the problem.