Isn’t decent quality concrete already waterproof?

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Isn’t decent quality concrete already waterproof?

People often say that buildings are only as strong as their weakest points. This is also true of those made out of concrete. Water can cause a fair amount of damage to this material. As a result, a joint sealing and waterproofing service is usually necessary. Our company has experience in this area. We frequently assist clients with their needs.


Many people ask whether regular concrete is already waterproof. To meet the right criteria, most plant-batched concretes hold more water than they need to. This is to merely hydrate the cement. When it hardens, the water leaves the substance. It then generates a network of internal pores and fine capillaries. Natural capillary absorption remains the chief mechanism of water conveyance through concrete. This is regardless of whether there is ahead of hydrostatic pressure. As far as the water is affected, regular concrete acts similar to a dense sponge.

A single cubic meter of regular, decent quality dry concrete will absorb the equivalent of around 60 litres of water. This will happen in half an hour. It’s the absorption speed that is essential here. It will influence the amount of dampness. This shall happen in places like basements or a sub-sea tunnel.

A lack of measures spells trouble

Even the best quality concrete has a system of capillaries and pores. Without damp proofing measures, this could lead to leaks or dampness. Both can result in health hazards and mould. The degradation of interior finishes is also an issue. The first two are very problematic. This is even worse in hot settings where damp concrete is a sanctuary for bacteria. If oxygen and chlorides are present, expect the reinforcement to corrode.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we can apply joint sealing and waterproofing where it is needed. We have a deep understanding of the process. Thus, we know what approach to take in a given situation.

If this is a service you require, please contact our business.