It pays to waterproof your basement and foundations

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It pays to waterproof your basement and foundations

When working with concrete buildings, you must have waterproofing measures that cover the whole property. In addition, you need to pay attention to the joints. After all, they are the weakest points. Fortunately, we can help, using our first class joint sealing and waterproofing services to great effect. With them, we put the minds of our clients at ease.

There are all kinds of reasons why you should be waterproofing your home’s basement or foundation. Most importantly the step will help you avoid pricey repair bills. Water damage is very common. Not to mention, even bigger issues can manifest if you choose to ignore it. A wise move would be to ensure proper protection.

You may live somewhere that experiences heavy rainfall frequently. If so, waterproofing will be a necessity. A long period of heavy rain can quickly result in flooding. The surplus water can get into your home through any cracks in your walls or foundations. It can also seep in through the floor. Joint sealing and waterproofing is even more important if you like in this kind of area.

Flooding and plumbing

Speaking of flooding, it can arise from a host of natural sources. However, it also comes from plumbing issues. A burst pipe is a good example. When you install waterproofing measures, a subterranean floor will have more protection against water damage. A durable sealant is one such measure you can use.

Your basement may be the place where you store all your valuables. If you don’t have any waterproofing in place, it won’t take much to ruin or harm them. Anything made from wood will be especially vulnerable. Do yourself a favour and waterproof the area before you lose anything.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we take time to gain a better understanding of your property before working on it. This helps us decide what measures would be most effective. If you need our joint sealing and waterproofing, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you in any way we can.