Quality assurance tests for sprayed concrete

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Quality assurance tests for sprayed concrete

There is a high demand for sprayed concrete in the building and construction industry. We happen to be a company that offers this service. Here, we spray or blast the material right onto a construction point or surface instead of using the traditional pouring approach. Such a technique allows us to tackle more complex projects.

If you are spraying concrete it is important to understand as well as meet the international guidance and legislation. This way you will get top quality results. It is vital that you are up to date with the current standard. The one we’re referring to is BSEN 14487. It came into effect in 2006. The document summarises the demands for this technique. For example you must use several quality assurance trials to ensure you meet the requirements.

Important tests

For instance, when using wet mixes your batch needs to meet the project’s specs. This means testing it in relation to workability and fresh density. Flow tests are a customary way of carrying this out. They consist of you pouring a sample of your mix onto a table. Then, you measure how far the material is able to spread across the exterior.

Adding fibres

Usually, you add fibres to sprayed concrete so that it is even stronger when it sets. In these scenarios, you have to spread them evenly throughout your batch. A fibre washout test involves counting the amount of fibres in multiple small samples. It is able to prove uniform distribution volumes in batches.


sprayed concreteYou also need to perform early age strength tests. This involves the use of a penetrometer, which is what you use to figure out a material’s hardness. It measures the force that is necessary to thrust a needle into set concrete panels. Once 24 hours pass, the concrete sets, and you extract and test a myriad of cores. You look at permeability, shrinkage, elasticity, and compressive strength. All of this is to make certain there is no danger of leakage.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we frequently use sprayed concrete on free-form walls and surfaces. Many people believe that the material won’t be strong enough for jobs like these. However, we ensure that this quality is present when we use it.

Let us know if you need this service; we are happy to offer advice as well as professional recommendations.