Reinforced concrete corrosion and the problems it brings

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Reinforced concrete corrosion and the problems it brings

Reinforced concrete is sturdy but you need to keep corrosion control in mind. Detecting and preventing this process is crucial because it can protect structures and extend their life.

Why It Occurs

Steel rebar can reinforce concrete structures but it is at risk of corrosion. The metal breaks down due to electrochemical, chemical, and electrolytic reactions. This happens over time and the more the structure ages, the higher the chance of it.

Corrosion most commonly occurs because the steel comes into contact with carbon dioxide and chloride from de-icing salt which has penetrated the concrete. You should carry out regular tests on surfaces and structures to ensure there are no issues. In addition you must do repairs when necessary to keep it in good condition.

Decreased Durability

Rust occupies a larger volume than steel. This will exert internal pressure on the concrete and results in cracks and damage. As a result it reduces the integrity of the structure and increases the chances of collapse. The issue is not only costly but also risks the safety of everyone inside and around it.

What You Can Do About It

You can control and prevent corrosion to a degree. It is vital that you use high quality materials and methods when building structures. This will stop water and oxygen reaching the steel within. You can also use coatings such as anti-corrosion on the reinforcements. Another option is a waterproof coating to prevent the concrete from absorbing water.

It is important that you use specialist methods of testing as you cannot always see issues from the surface. Once we identify a problem like corrosion, Churchill Concrete Technology can offer further help. We work to provide you with an effective solution through the use of expert work to meet your needs.

We can help you with your corrosion control efforts through our numerous services. Call 0115 983 1099 to get in touch with our team today. We can give your structure the attention it needs. Our first class work will leave you with results that you can trust and rely on.