Repairing small and medium sized masonry cracks

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Repairing small and medium sized masonry cracks

The one thing we cannot protect our buildings against is time. Throughout it, they will have to endure various elements. As a result they shall end up in a deteriorated state. You need to have a plan in place to rectify the damage in good time or it will get worse. Our brick and masonry repairs service can help you here.

Masonry can crumble or crack suddenly. The majority of homeowners are happy to disregard this situation. This can be the start of a much bigger issue though. To some, masonry also appears largely cosmetic. However, if it is damaged it can allow water to enter and expand in the brickwork when it freezes. Depending on how big the cracks are, there are numerous actions you can take to repair the masonry swiftly.

Small cracks

For hairline or small cracks, it could be hard trying to finding something that can fill up the spaces. Be on the lookout for gels and creams that include silicone rubber. People refer to them as caulking compounds. However, you should only employ this treatment for incredibly compact cracks that traditional methods wouldn’t work on.

Medium sized cracks

It’s not always possible to utilise caulking for patios and driveways though. Simply walking on the exteriors is enough to disturb it. Caulking may not have much of an influence on medium sized cracks either. What you should do instead is use patching cement. This is a fusion of cement and sand. Those cements reinforced with vinyl are the most appropriate for these cracks.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we know how important it is to maintain your property’s structural integrity. However, we know that appearances matter to you as well. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that we maintain the structure’s appearance. Therefore you can rely on our brick and masonry repairs to get everything right and produce a great finish.

If there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us. We work across the UK and also offer solutions for a wide variety of properties.