Replacing sealants in brickwork

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Replacing sealants in brickwork

Replacing sealants in brickwork

Eventually, every building starts to deteriorate. Sooner or later, it may need brick & masonry repairs. We are a company that specialises in this area. Our team goes above and beyond to provide sustainable solutions. In addition, we ensure the appearance and style are right.

In most cases manufacturers create brick with the most appropriate methods. Quality bricks like this should not need much maintenance over time. Yet, other elements in the brickwork might require periodic testing as well as repair. If you fail to maintain them, these pieces could cause other parts inside the wall to decline. This is the case with sealants.

Why is it a problem

Degraded or missing sealants within and between the brickwork could be a big issue. They may be the source of moisture penetration. As a result you need to monitor the joints in these sections closely. This will allow you to identify areas that have missing or deteriorated sealants. You might be dealing with the latter. If so, then you must remove them carefully. Next, you should clean the opening of all the material that’s currently there.

Priming and filling the joint

Following this, you need to properly prime and fill the clean joint. Use a suitably sized backer rod to do this. Utilise a full bead of first rate, elastomeric sealant as well. However, before you start you need to ensure that the sealant is compatible with materials.

You’ll want to find out about the suitability and applicability of sealants for expansion joint projects. It’s ideal to consult the manufacturer for this. Typically we recommend three common kinds of elastomeric sealants for brickwork. These are polysulfides, silicones, and also polyurethanes.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we take full advantage of the resources available to us to offer brick & masonry repairs. With them, we can repair the surface and also ensure the integrity of your property. With us on the scene, you can rest easy knowing that your brickwork is in good hands.

If there is anything you’d like to ask us, feel free to get in touch.