Structural repair could be the answer to your problems

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Structural repair could be the answer to your problems

We are more than familiar with our area of work and have vast experience. Our reputation as a leading provider covers service areas like structural repair and sprayed concrete. Whatever the needs, we can provide an effective solution.

Concrete may seem modern due to its wide spread use and amazing properties but it is in fact centuries old. Structures built from it tend to last because of the fact that it is so durable. This is even more likely if the material has reinforcements such as steel rebar.

While it is very strong and durable, concrete does wear. At some point surfaces may be in dire need of repair. Even with extensive damage and issues, it doesn’t have to be the end of the structure.

Establishing The Situation

People do not always realise that their concrete is not in as good a condition as they want it to be. There are elements like temperature that may result in freeze-thaw damage. This occurs when moisture within expands. It could also be the corrosion of the steel reinforcements within. This can affect the tensile strength.

A First Class Solution

Surveying and testing can help identify areas that need work. This allows us to look at issues that may be harder to see. Scientific tests can also check the quality of the concrete. We will work to try and identify the cause and the extent of a problem.

Following the testing, we will then be aware of how much work needs doing and communicate this back to you. You won’t want materials to deteriorate into major building damage or stay in the dark on the state of your concrete. You may not have to relocate or demolish and start from scratch when you look at your options.

Even when an issue gets to the point where the structural integrity is compromised, an expert team like ours can carry out work. This will take into account exactly what it is you require, getting it back to great condition. You can help its appearance this way and gain peace of mind that it can stand strong.

Give your structure the best chance by giving the Churchill Concrete Technology team a call. After the completion of a structural repair we can advise you on maintenance and be there in the future should you ever need more work carrying out.

For lasting results and a helpful team, you can reach out to us. We take on various projects, working in a variety of settings.