Survey concrete floor slabs with a ground penetrating radar

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Survey concrete floor slabs with a ground penetrating radar

One of the most important services we offer here is our concrete condition surveys. In various cases, the dangers present in the material aren’t always detectable. You only start noticing them once the damage has taken its toll. We can help you to pinpoint issues before they get out of hand.

There are many ways to go about surveying concrete floor slabs. One of the best options is to use ground penetrating radar. It works well for floors in car parks, warehouses, factories, and also depots. A survey of this nature can supply you with key structural details. This includes the position of ground beams and pile caps. Other critical details include distribution of reinforcing bars and slab thickness.

You can also use GPR to look through your slabs to identify how thick the base layer is. Finally, you may be able to look for voids, pipes, conduits, drainage, and cables. The density of the slab’s rebar may make it tricky to find these things in some cases though.

A non-destructive strategy

One of the greatest advantages of using GPR concrete condition surveys is that it is non-destructive. It sends a signal into the slab that won’t cause any damage. From there, it picks up reflections from separate materials. Examples would be those existing between the rebars and concrete.

These radars function in such ways that you can collect information rapidly. The equipment is mobile so you can look at the entire slab. In addition, you can use them to inspect slabs of any size.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we stay ahead of the competition by investing in the latest equipment. With the devices, we’ve had little to no trouble offering clients top tier results. After the concrete condition surveys we shall issue a comprehensive report to you. We can discuss the details and also offer advice if you need us to.

If you believe that you require this service, please get in touch.