Temperatures can affect your concrete pours

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Temperatures can affect your concrete pours

Structural strengthening is one of our most valuable services. We use it to make sure that a concrete construct is able to fulfil its purpose effectively. There’s more to worry about here than the material wearing over time. Sudden and unexpected events can also cause issues. It’s up to us to see that everything is in order.

You need to take a lot of care with concrete structures once they are built. However, you must also be careful when pouring the material in the first place. If you’re not, there could be complications later. An essential thing you have to consider the temperature.

Low temperatures

Colder weather is whenever it falls below 4°C. However, it’s the temperature of the concrete itself that’s vital here. Concrete must remain above 10°C.

There’s one primary concern with colder temperatures. It is that it’s possible for concrete to freeze before setting. This leads to a weak, granular material. It shall lack the necessary strength to support loads. Alternatively, the mix can set too slowly, also resulting in a weak structure.

Hot temperatures

Hot temperatures can be a problem as well. When it is very warm you must keep your concrete’s temperature below 25°C. Ambient temperatures of 32°C or more can cause problems like drawing out the moisture from the concrete.

In these scenarios, you would need to take precautionary measures. If temperatures rise to excessive levels you’ll end up with a weaker bond. To preserve the optimal temperature, keep an eye on it and take steps to cool the concrete down if necessary.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we have experience with a large number of cases. As a result we have very diverse skills, including knowledge of bridges and roads. Our service isn’t limited to these constructs alone though. We can operate on concrete buildings too if the situation calls for it. Whatever the requirements for structural strengthening, rely on us.

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