The causes of damaged and eroded bricks

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The causes of damaged and eroded bricks

Once a building starts degrading, you must get in contact with experts who can help. We are perfect for the job because of our extensive experience. For years, it has been our goal to offer the finest brick and masonry repairs in the country. Our clients would say we do just that.

A house’s primary walls perform two functions. They keep the weather outside and hold the structure up. When surveys reveal issues like damp or cracking, people instinctively worry. Our security and comfort hinges on these frontline defences shielding us from the elements. Therefore, any indication of failure is going to raise some red flags. What we’re going to talk about here is how to spot damaged or eroded brick. With this information, you’ll be able to locate and rectify the problem quickly.

Is it period charm or a problem?

Sometimes, it can be a good thing to see signs of ageing. This can confer what we call period charm. Alternatively, they may be telling you that there’s trouble afoot. Proof of weathering that appears in the shape of slight erosion to aged brick is ordinary. It may not be a concern if it only affects a few areas. However, when the erosion is widespread and out of control, you’ll have to repair the masonry.

What to look for

There are several signs you must keep a look out for. These include crumbing and spalling to the brick’s face. Damp that’s penetrated the wall is also a concern. At times, it can leave white salts on the facets. Walls in roof parapets and similar exposed locales are especially susceptible to erosion.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we understand the importance of knowing what the cause of your current problems is. This allows us to come up with a solution that offers the best possible results. Before taking on any job, we discover the source of your woes. As a result we can offer the most appropriate brick and masonry repairs.

If you would like our assistance, please get in touch with our business. We offer value for money as well as long lasting results.