The most common concrete coating systems

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The most common concrete coating systems

We use concrete because of its longevity. However, you should never think that it is going to last forever. Eventually, it will start to wear. To make sure it lasts, you must put the right measures in place. We can assist you by supplying specialist render and coatings for various surfaces.

Concrete is used in many aggressive habitats, including those where chloride is common. To safeguard it, you need to apply protective coatings. Normally, you use them to defend new exteriors or surfaces that need repair. They protect against the ingress of harmful gases and liquids.

Multi-component systems

Many regular coatings have several components. The most common are the two part epoxy/amine and urethane ones. These coverings need over a day to cure. In this time it is vital to maintain the conditions.

Curing systems that require less time are available though, including methyl methacrylate overlay. You can return to service in hours with them.

Penetrating concrete sealers

These are another common type of coating. You would typically use them with external surfaces. This includes those at risk of freezing damage and similar harsh elements.

The great thing about these coatings is they dry to a matte finish and protect the facet invisibly. This does not alter the appearance of the material.

The coating works by first infiltrating the concrete. Then, it generates a chemical reaction that protects the material. It shields it from chemicals such as those used to de-ice exteriors.

Acrylic sealers

This is a third option for protecting concrete. They produce a thin protective film layer that goes over the surface. You can use these coatings on both exterior and interior spaces. Acrylic sealers dry very fast too. As a result, they are perfect for projects with strict time requirements.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we know what specialist render and coatings work best for surfaces. There’s no single solution that works all the time because each structure is different. We can explore the options and choose the right one to offer long term protection.

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