Think about how you use your sealer

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Think about how you use your sealer

Every structure has its weaknesses. It’s the same for those made out of concrete. The key here is to take care of these vulnerabilities before things get serious. You can use our joint sealing and waterproofing services to help you do this. Once we have an understanding of what’s going on, we can give you the right solution.

The main tool for joint sealing is the sealer. It bonds well to concrete, and is also watertight and soft. Moreover, it is capable of adjusting with contraction and expansion. These materials stop dirt, moisture, and contaminants from underneath the slab from entering the joints. Additionally, they have the extra bonus of smoothing the surface.

Unfortunately sealant failures are a reality. Many are the result of unsatisfactory preparation. The following are tips you can use to make sure things don’t go wrong. As a result you can ensure your property is safer.

Allow your concrete to shrink

You should wait for the concrete to shrink. When your slab has shrunk enough, fill your joints and then seal them. This can take a bit of time, but you must be patient. After all, you don’t want to go through the hassle of reinstalling. Once the first year of service is over, check your sealers and fillers.

The right preparation

Be sure to clean, dry, and prepare your exterior as well. Your joint must be free of any debris and dirt before you fill and seal it. You must also get rid of any fats or oils. You can use a masonry saw blade to ready the joint’s side walls for bonding with the sealer. For quality results, be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we give each concrete structure the special attention it requires. Everyone’s circumstances are unique. This means we have to be flexible in our approach to joint sealing and waterproofing. We may use one strategy for a certain project and another in a different situation. In each case we ensure we do the very best work.

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