Understanding the differences between gunite and shotcrete

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Understanding the differences between gunite and shotcrete

Sprayed concrete is a service that can be beneficial for work like repairs. There are two different forms, both of which useful. However, gunite and shotcrete differ and their use depends on the application.

First of all, the name of this work is fairly straightforward. Concrete goes though a hose at a high speed onto a surface. This will either be through dry spray (gunite) or wet spray (shotcrete).

What To Know About Gunite

This application uses a dry-mix process. This means that the material mix does not have water in it when it goes into the equipment that delivers it. Then, compressed air sends it to the nozzle where it mixes with the water. Due to the high pressures, it compresses the substance on the surface.

This is a method that does not leave a cold joint. Because of this, you can halt work and start again later without this weak spot. The concrete will bond together and provide more time for people to work with it. While it is less expensive, it does require someone with skill to mix it. Also there is a chance that the pipe can become clogged.

How Does Shotcrete Differ?

The other method has similar elements but uses a wet-mix process. Concrete will arrive in a truck with the material already mixed with water. It passes through the hopper with the compressed air sending it to where you need it on the surface.

With it having the water mixed in already, it does not require as much skill to use. In addition it is faster to work with, something which can be ideal for projects with short time frames. The result will be a consistent and strong section of concrete. The downside though is that you need to work quickly before it sets and must also take care with the amount of water.

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