Using patch work for concrete bridge repair

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Using patch work for concrete bridge repair

The thing to keep in mind with patch repair is it makes it easy to replace localised areas of deteriorated concrete. Examples of this include spalls and delaminations. We can apply this method to various projects, including concrete bridge repair.

A bridge can face a lot including, but not limited to, the elements and heavy loads. When an issue arises it is important to address it even if it is just to establish whether or not it is serious. Even something small, such as a crack that does not compromise structural integrity, can still be an issue you need to take care of. Whatever the reason for repairs, our highly skilled team use top of the range tools and specialist knowledge to help.


Work like this depends on numerous factors that will first need establishing. This includes the size and the location of the bridge that needs work. There are also environmental considerations and we need to think about how to provide you with effective results.

The strength of the repair work will be high and so will the quality of the replacement material. Aesthetics are another consideration that is important. As well as providing something functional, the finish will look great so that the patch doesn’t look obvious.

How bad is it?

It is important to understand the severity of any issues that leave you in need of repairs. An example is deterioration of the deck might include the top layer of the steel reinforcements. We can help you understand what needs doing to bring the bridge in question back to the condition you need it to be in.

As the work necessary for a structure can change, so to can our methods. Alongside localised patch work we also offer cementitious repairs and fairing coats. This is as well as high performance concrete reinstatement. This is only an example of the work we can complete for you though.

Something important like concrete bridge repair requires specialist care from professionals. This will allow you to achieve results that last in the long term and work that is tailored to your needs.

If you want to work with the best, reach out to Churchill Concrete Technology. We can work on numerous kinds of concrete structures to get them in great condition. People who trust us for their project see how we only ever work to high standards.