What can cause cracks in your concrete

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What can cause cracks in your concrete

Concrete is a material that is very strong and versatile. Despite this it can still suffer from cracks and other issues. Concrete repair can take various forms to deal with different problems in an effective manner. We are a leading provider of this service and strive to offer the most reliable results.

Incorrect Drying

If your concrete does not dry the right way it can result in crazing. This means that there was not enough moisture or it was lost too quickly. These fine cracks are a result of shrinkage but are only cosmetic. You can avoid this by taking care with the mixture and the drying process. If it does occur, you can repair it to give your surface a better finish.

Expanding and Contracting

Concrete will change slightly in shape and size over time depending on the weather. An example is how heat can make it expand and push against things that might make it crack. You can try and plan for this expansion but it is hard to avoid. If it does happen you should contact specialists to arrange repairs.

Heaving and Settling

A common cause of cracks is movement in the ground. This might be from a tree root growing or an excessive freeze and thaw cycle. These will result in the ground pushing up on the concrete, a process people refer to as heaving.

Settling on the other hand can come from water or a rotting tree root causing the concrete to collapse. These are likely to occur over time and are hard to avoid but you can repair it.


Too much force against your concrete can weaken it. This is not always as obvious as an accident or crash. It can happen over time when it is subject to repeat use. You should be aware of the strength of your concrete as well as how much load it can handle. If the use of your concrete changes or it suffers a breakage, there are solutions to make it more suitable for use.

An Effective Fix

You shouldn’t panic if you discover an issue. Instead, give Churchill Concrete Technology a call so that we can discuss your needs. The various services we offer allow us to provide an effective solution in a myriad of situations. We offer first class concrete repair and other assistance that you can rely on.

You can trust our team should you ever need work carrying out so contact us today.