What do I need to consider with structural strengthening

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What do I need to consider with structural strengthening

Structural strengthening for concrete buildings is one of our most sought after services. This doesn’t surprise us because its importance is something we cannot understate. Regardless of the materials your structure uses, it will wear down eventually. There are also certain circumstances that cause this to happen more rapidly. In both situations, you need the assistance of someone you can depend on. We would be happy to fill this role.

You must consider strengthening your concrete structure when it begins deteriorating. It can prove essential when you alter the building as well. Certain changes may mean that your edifice can no longer serve its purpose. During this process, you have to look at existing materials. Additionally, you must examine the current geometry. It might be difficult to reach the areas that require your attention in some cases.

Failure modes

Another important detail you need to inspect is the failure modes. It’s necessary to evaluate them when you will undertake strengthening. Enhancing a building for flexure could result in sheer failure. You won’t gain the extra load bearing capacity you’re after. The failure mode of the reinforced material isn’t the only crucial element however. If you strengthen one critical area, another can turn into the unstable one.


There’s one other fact you should know. Sometimes, the existing documentation for a building can be inadequate. It can even be wrong. It’s best to redesign everything with the former codes. These ones were active during the original construction. This can provide you with sufficient information about the structural mode of action.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we offer quick and cost effective solutions, especially when it comes to structural strengthening. All you need to do is tell us what state your structure is in. We will handle the rest from there. Our people will make sure the building lasts for as long as possible.

If there is anything you need to speak to us about, please get in touch. We can offer advice and arrange a site survey. Once we have seen the property we can quote for the repairs and strengthening.