When should you look to structural strengthening?

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When should you look to structural strengthening?

When designing and building a structure, the aim is that they will last for decades to come. An important thing to remember is that engineering does not end after construction. In fact it continues through the life of the structure. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition. This includes using structural strengthening when it is necessary.

But When?

You should look to a service like this in a number of circumstances that may include the following.

A Change In Use

Any alterations in the structure or usage may make it unfit for purpose. To be certain it can bear an increase in load and levels of traffic, you may need to strengthen it for the new use.

When designing you cannot predict future changes and may estimate less stress occurring. We have seen this in roads and bridges because designers did not predict the rapid increase in the number of people owning cars.


There are structures that have survived for hundreds of years and more recent ones that haven’t. A number of factors could be behind this like the design, materials and also the maintenance. Through inspections and comprehensive surveys, you can keep an eye out for any degradation or developing issues.

The Environment

The climate, weather and levels of pollution can all cause material deterioration. The corrosion of steel reinforcement or pre-stressed steel tendons found in concrete is an example. Damage can also have a serious impact. Common forms include from fire, impact of vehicles or construction materials aging.

The Next Step

We treat your structure as an individual. In the process of strengthening, we consider the original materials and the results that you are looking for. We work on projects of all sizes and requirements. This includes structures than manage very heavy loads such as roads and bridges. We have saved many people from unnecessarily moving, or demolishing and rebuilding.

Our structural strengthening services are second to none. They include using carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates. This is alongside fibre reinforced fabrics as well as high strength concrete. The extensive selection of work we offer at Churchill Concrete Technology enables you to receive first class results.

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