Where and why we use sprayed concrete

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Where and why we use sprayed concrete

Our sprayed concrete service is exactly what it sounds like. We blast or spray the material straight onto a construction point or exterior. It’s often used as a substitute to the standard approach of pouring, laying, and setting. We’ve been able to complete a host of tough and ambitious projects over the years thanks to this method.

Normally, we use the technique when working on old structures. We favour it in these situations because it would be impossible for us to utilise framework to recast. Another reason is that we can apply it in thin layers. At the same time, we can preserve a good bond to the current substance. This is regardless of whether it’s stone, brick, steel, or concrete.


The spraying process is a continuous one. You get the most out of it when there’s a decent volume of constant work. In these cases it is efficient and reliable.

Spraying isn’t as suitable for a considerable amount of smaller sections requiring repairs. The reinforcement you need to encase might be for highly profiled or confined areas. It could even be very congested. In such instances, spraying won’t be appropriate.

Most of the sprayed work on site involves the use of the dry procedure. In addition, aggregate sizes are lower than 10mm.

Considerations for sprayed concrete

Before you get to repairing, there are certain considerations you must make. Examples include specifying the material and deciding on the preparation work. It’s also crucial to confirm the function. To do this, you must reflect the first joint pattern in unison with the movement joints. The structure itself will have decided these in the shape of cracks. If you don’t allow for these, the new sprayed-on section shall fail.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we aim for first rate results on every project. We understand that some people believe our sprayed concrete is not strong. However, something we always stress is that it possesses the durability necessary to get the job done.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask us, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.