Why is the concrete deteriorating?

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Why is the concrete deteriorating?

Restoration jobs can really help to maintain structures and keep them in good shape. However, many don’t offer a long-term solution. The materials will break down again at some point no matter what you do. This forces you to spend more money on maintenance. Our concrete bridge repair work lasts though. We have a wealth of experience, and as a result we can have a plan for every situation.

Concrete’s outstanding durability is a big selling point. It’s why we still use it as a building material. You can find it in bridges across the world. However it can degrade for numerous reasons. This results in structural, functional, and aesthetic issues. The following are possible causes you need to look out for.

Freezing and thawing

We’ll start with freeze-thaw deterioration. Water expands by 9% when it freezes. As a result it creates pressure inside the concrete pores and capillaries. Sometimes, this can exceed the substance’s tensile strength. Consequently, the cavity dilates and ruptures. The end result is the material will crack, scale, and crumble. The only response here is concrete bridge repair or build an entire new structure.

Chemical attack

An array of different chemicals can cause wear as well. Concretes can perform very well when they come into contact with soil and water. Nonetheless, there are still issues here. Specific chemical environments can cripple even top grade materials. Aggressive chemicals tend to be in solution. The higher the concentration the more damage they may cause.

Sulphate attack

You can find naturally occurring sulphates in soil. This includes calcium, potassium, and sodium. Some dissolve in ground water. These elements react with the compounds in the cement. Said reactions can produce substantial pressure that can cause a distortion.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we help by protecting your bridges against deterioration. Every operative we have has broad industry training. They use this to develop the most effective concrete bridge repair plans for your situation. Whether it is a small span or a very large one, rely on our expertise.

If you would like our aid with any concrete issue, please call us.