A detailed look at concrete surveys

In excess of fifteen years of working with concrete has taught us many important things about the substance. From surveys to full on repairs and introducing corrosion control measures, nothing is out of our grasp if the material is somehow involved. With the best team and the most up to date technology behind us, we can assist you with maximum efficiency.

Concrete surveys and tests are necessary in order to discover the current condition of a structure that is comprised of the material. The condition and durability of reinforced variants is largely dependent on the relationship that exists between the exposure conditions, the cover to the reinforcement, the chloride ion content, the concrete quality and the carbonation depths.

To give an example, heightened levels of chloride in the substance can result in accelerated deterioration if damp conditions are present. A survey can indicate this and point at heightened requirements for corrosion control measures.

Chloride could have been utilised in the initial mixture or it might have ingressed as either a sea spray or de-icing salts. Additionally, using High Alumina Cement (HAC) was found to be the root cause of structural failures during the 70s. These incidents were publicised massively and in the end, HAC ended up being banned. Therefore, especially during surveys that take place during property sales, it’s vital that the appropriate assessments are conducted.

Normally, these assessments consist of detailed concrete surveys, sampling and testing. A survey that incorporates both of these acts is able to determine a structure’s or individual element’s present state. The primary spots to carry out these examinations are those where concrete isn’t always visible. Some of the best examples include supporting walls, pillars for bridges over water and basements. In all of these areas corrosion control is essential to maintain the stability.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we will provide a thorough and comprehensive survey of your property and provide useful advice alongside our findings. Depending on the situation, we will use high tech equipment, including the likes of the drones, in order to complete our analysis.

If you are unsure about the state of your concrete, come to us so that we can help you.