A world class concrete service

Thanks to the outstanding workforce we have assembled over the years can offer concrete repair solutions and protective coatings across the UK and beyond. We have worked on highways, airports and many other structures to survey the damaged areas and conduct repairs.

Restoring your structure is a delicate process and requires the most skilled individuals to accomplish. Luckily, our team at Churchill Concrete Technology are perfectly qualified to handle it. When it comes to repairs we look for the greatest long term solutions in term of strength and duribility. It could be that the structure has a design flaw or has been constructed using inferior materials; we are able to undertake a successful repair job to ensure the stability of the structure. We know that the appearance of the structure matters to you as well, so we aim to repair the structure to match its existing design.

Water damage is a serious issue when it comes to concrete and can lead to it eroding, which in turn can cause serious damage to the structure. It is not possible to completely protect the material against water, however, we take special precautions when waterproofing the joints as they are the most vulnerable points.

To ensure the suitability and long lifespan of concrete, we make sure that the most appropriate form of protection is used. This can include protective coatings. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to choose the perfect service for each set of circumstances.

Our clients have provided extremely positive testimonials about us and we have received feedback from a number of companies such as Air BP, Thomas Vale and Camerons. You can read their comments on our website and find a selection of case studies to get more information about the services we provide. The positive responses have enabled us to continue providing our world class service and keep our clients satisfied.

If you have any questions please contact us; we are happy to offer guidance and recommendations if you are unsure what service you need.