Anti carbonation coatings for concrete

Concrete may be an incredibly tough and durable material, but there are a number of issues that can affect it. One major issue that contributes heavily towards the decay of concrete is carbonation. This occurs due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide reduces the alkalinity of the concrete, which helps to provide a protective passivation layer which helps to safeguard reinforcing steel. This layer is eradicated quickly when the alkalinity of the concrete reduces to below 9.5 pH. Once this layer has gone, concrete becomes susceptible to attack, as does the underlying reinforcing steel. Lengthy exposure to water and oxygen, over a prolonged period of time, attacks the steel and causes it to slowly corrode. This, in turn, leads to the concrete spalling, which essentially means that the concrete breaks up and pits, or even flakes away over time. This, of course, exposes the reinforcing steel structure and can lead to further corrosion. If this happens, expensive repairs and maintenance will be needed to ensure that the integrity of the structure is not compromised.

Decay is a major problem with concrete. Though it is a very hardwearing material, when decay sets in, it is very difficult to remedy it. Decay can also progress rather quickly, leading to the concrete being compromised rapidly and putting the entire structure at risk. Carbonation is one of the major contributors towards decay in concrete, which is why it’s important to take measures to protect against it, such as protective coatings.

We can apply protective coatings to the concrete of your chosen structure, specifically an anti carbonation coating to prevent carbon dioxide from attacking. The coating is breathable, but protects against an attack from carbon dioxide, and also prevents moisture from building up which can lead to concrete degradation in the long run. With over a decade of experience and a wealth of blue chip clients across the UK, you can be assured of the expertise that we can lend to your project. Our team will always ensure that the anti-carbonation coating is fully and professionally applied.