Bring stability and strength back to your building

Deterioration of concrete can be caused by a number of factors, including seawater, chemicals and fire. If this is left for too long it can lead to serious and costly repairs as the integrity of the structure begins to suffer. Due to this, it’s highly important to undertake regular maintenance of your concrete structures to make sure that it is not at risk.

Only the highest quality concrete is used during construction because the role of concrete is to provide rigidity to a structure and additional stability. Without the reassurance of quality in place, it may mean that you spend more time maintaining the structure than needed, adding even more costs. We can provide you with concrete stability services and concrete spraying in the Channel Islands and the UK, giving you peace of mind that your buildings are safe and secure.

In addition to our concrete stability services, we also provide fibre reinforced fabrics and carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates which can be applied to internal features such as columns and beams, providing even further strengthening support. We are equipped with one of the most experienced workforces in the industry, so whether the project is large or small, we always approach tasks with care.

All of our customers receive stellar structural repair services in addition to a range of other products including corrosion control and concrete spraying in the Channel Islands. We regularly carry out our services in a variety of different sectors and industries, from railways and highways to mines and chemical plants, meaning that we’re able to adapt our approach to match individual requirements. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information on the services we provide to repair and strengthen concrete structures.