Carbon fibre – a powerful replacement to steel

Churchill Concrete Technology can provide an array of solutions to help retain and reinforce various structures. With over 15 years of experience contracting with major blue chip clients, we have amassed a vast array of knowledge. Not only do we provide concrete services, but we also have the best solutions in areas such as structural strengthening.

Strengthening a structure does not necessarily have to involve the use of concrete or steel. Rather than using the latter to strengthen columns, beams, slabs etc, carbon fibre can be used. This material is better because it’s flexible and versatile, providing advantages over traditional reinforcing methods. Not only is it quicker to install than normal methods, but is also better in terms of performance by not adding to the dead load of structures.

Carbon fibre is available in a number of forms; it can be rods, larger plates, and shear links or beams. The range of solutions and flexibility makes them ideal for many types of buildings and structures. Whether it be external or internal use, the performance won’t be hindered by issues such as long term fatigue.

Not only is carbon fibre wonderful for strength and stability; it is also very good for the environment. It requires fewer materials and much less energy to make. As a result it is a better option for people wanting to be green.

Carbon fibre reinforcement is the future of structural strengthening, eliminating time consuming refurbishment and costly future corrosions. Also, it cuts out heavy plant-based processes required to install steel for example. The solutions from are generally a lot safer overall too.

Churchill Concrete Technology provides multiple structural strengthening services, including the installation of carbon fibre. We can be called on to work on buildings that have experienced some form of damage, whether it is a heavy impact from a vehicle, wear over time, or structural movement.

If you require any of our services, including those to reinforce and stabilise a structure, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.