Carbon fibre – an improved alternative to steel

It is always commonplace that a building will experience changes in its lifetime. Particularly, commercial structures can be subject to different work such as the introduction of new equipment, technology, and openings. When this happens structural strengthening may be required to take on the additional loads. Other instances when this happens are during the process of adding or changing floors.

More contractors and clients are using carbon fibre as a solution rather than using steel reinforcements. Versatile, flexible, and with a far better strength to mass ratio than usual methods of reinforcement, carbon fibre increases performance without adding excess dead loads. This way of strengthening structures is quicker and easier to fit than normal methods.

There are many different forms of carbon fibre products for reinforcing structures. For example you may use plates, forms, rods, fabrics, sheer links, or surface mounted plates. The material becoming so popular because it has shown to be a proven answer to not only reinforce concrete but also iron, steel and other masonry. This is due to its lightweight, strong and easy to handle installation.

As it has a range of solutions, carbon fibre is ideal for an array of structures and buildings where there are changes being made. Whether it is required for internal or external use, its performance safeguards the property.

One of the most important things to consider with structural strengthening is the impact on the environment. If a lot more material needs to be introduced it will consume a lot of resources. Carbon fibre is really good in this regard because less needs to be used and it is corrosion resistant so there will be fewer replacement requirements.

Regardless of what circumstance you require structural strengthening, consider Churchill Concrete Technology to provide it. We are highly experienced contractors, and would be more than happy to be a part of your project. If you require our expertise, please get in contact today.