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Don’t paint over brick and masonry damage

When it comes down to getting work done on your surface or structure, you’ll want to know that you are choosing the right people. We have a reputation for completing jobs of all sizes and complexities to high standards, every time. This includes processes such as surveys, testing as well as brick and masonry repairs. Continue reading

Finding the right coating for your concrete

Concrete is such a useful and versatile material. While it is very durable, that doesn’t mean that it lasts forever. Whether it is age or wear and tear, it breaks down eventually. This is why you should be investing in protective coatings with us. They go beyond saving you money and time with repairs, and actually make a structure much safer. Continue reading

Preparing concrete is simple yet effective

Carrying out work on your concrete structure is a great idea. But, while it is a very durable material it doesn’t mean that it will always be perfect. There may be dirt, weather effects, aging or other factors causing it to break down. The right surface preparation is essential for any work you are looking to carry out. It may be something simple such as cleaning, but you need to get someone to do this. Continue reading

The benefits of waterproofing

Concrete is a durable building material. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about possible damage occurring. The joints are the most vulnerable. They are the weakest point of a structure, regardless of the quality and the build style. Water penetrates into the concrete resulting in erosion, so joint sealing and waterproofing is a must for various reasons. Continue reading

The three areas of vulnerability in marine settings

Concrete is constantly exposed to the elements, including water, chemicals, and various weather conditions. Despite the material’s raw strength, these can all take their toll on it. Of course, there are measures in place to deal with such situations. Our corrosion control service is one of them, and is amongst the most important offerings we have. Continue reading

The applications of sprayed concrete

As the expert providers of concrete repair for over 15 years, our solutions are long lasting as well as cost effective. Churchill CT is also one of the foremost providers of sprayed concrete. Through extensive training and prior work in the industry, we can give you high quality results, every time. Continue reading

What does concrete repair entail?

Churchill Concrete Technology Ltd offers the highest solutions for various structural needs. We are particularly excellent at concrete repair. Regardless of how much work we need to do, we have the capability. We aim to be as fast as possible, while always keeping health & safety an important aspect, for both your structure and our technicians. If that wasn’t enough, we also always prepare and plan every project in detail. Our team of professionals will make sure that we leave you with a finish that matches what is already there. Continue reading