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Discussing the numerous forms of concrete coatings

Concrete is robust by itself, but we always recommend that our clients add in some protective coatings for insurance. By applying the right kind of defence to your structures, you can extend their life spans beyond their original limits. We have the means to provide a wide variety of solutions to you. Although they are effective, strategies that worked in one scenario might not be successful in another. Continue reading

Keep moisture content at acceptable levels

Concrete may be strong, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy material to work with. It can last for the long-term but only under the right circumstances. For one the right level of surface preparation is necessary before moving forwards. Churchill CT are experts in this area. Therefore, we are the company to call if you wish to get the most out of your materials. Continue reading

Carrying out joint sealing correctly

Unfortunately, weather is unavoidable and can cause extensive damage to concrete. Although it is a lasting material, it’s common for it to need joint sealing and waterproofing eventually. However, it must undergo proper work otherwise it can weaken structures further. Keeping this in mind, if you ever need these services there’s some things to check. Continue reading

How corrosion occurs in pre-stressed concrete tendons

For as long as we can remember, concrete has been our speciality. In addition to repairs and spraying projects, we also supply customers with a myriad of other services that focus on particular areas. Corrosion control is one of them, and just so happens to be one of our most important provisions. Ideal for giving materials the extra protection they need, this is something we recommend you look into. Continue reading

What does the future hold for concrete?

Concrete has long served us in many useful ways. It is a fantastic and lasting material, but everyone knows how quickly it can deteriorate after developing a crack. These cracks generally form with age and when it dries out more, eventually becoming a crumbling mess. Sadly this can even happen with high quality sprayed concrete. Continue reading

To repair concrete you need to be prepared

Concrete repair is a task we take most seriously, ensuring we achieve professional standards. Many of the world’s buildings, bridges, and other structures are made from the material because of its strength, low cost and versatilities. Given enough time though, the materials can degrade. The trick is not to let this process advance too much. Regardless of what causes our clients problems however, we will set things straight without triggering too big a disruption to your daily operations. Continue reading

Relative humidity is preferred when testing lightweight concrete

Despite concrete’s robust nature, you can’t simply put it somewhere and expect the material to do its job forever. Instead, you must first examine it to check whether everything meets the desired specifications, or if any adjustments are necessary. Widely respected for our survey and testing services, our company is the one you need to call if there are any doubts about the condition of any concrete on your property. Continue reading

Carbon fibre – an improved alternative to steel

It is always commonplace that a building will experience changes in its lifetime. Particularly, commercial structures can be subject to different work such as the introduction of new equipment, technology, and openings. When this happens structural strengthening may be required to take on the additional loads. Other instances when this happens are during the process of adding or changing floors. Continue reading

Making use of remedial wall ties

One of the leading causes of damage to brickwork and masonry is the corrosion of wall ties. Although they are designed to improve stability, a tie made of galvanised mild steel can suffer from corrosion once the protective layer is worn away. The steel will expand when this occurs, resulting in cracked bricks and mortar joints. The Churchill Concrete Technology team has seen this issue many times though and can provide professional brick and masonry repairs as a response. Continue reading

Preventing frost damaged brick

The United Kingdom’s chilly winters always bring the possibility for frost damaged bricks, especially if they are not prepared for winter with protective coatings. Damage to brickwork from frosty weather can result in spalling, and would require repairs immediately. Otherwise, not tending to the damage can lead to an unstable structure. Continue reading