Choosing the right coatings for concrete

Despite the inherent strength of concrete, it is not invulnerable to deterioration. As concrete can be porous, the paste can be attacked by chemicals that penetrate the pores. The paste and aggregate is also exposed to abrasion and impact from physical contact. Concrete can be penetrated by water; once inside, this water may freeze and expand when the temperature decreases, which leads to significant internal weakening of the structure. If a concrete structure features any reinforcing steel for added strength, the steel itself becomes vulnerable to corrosion. This occurs when the concrete is penetrated by moisture and oxygen. Naturally, corrosion makes a substantial contribution to the decline of concrete.

Along with protecting concrete from physical and chemical attacks, we also apply coatings to protect any products or items that are located in close proximity to the concrete from the contamination caused by dust from the substrate. Concrete coatings also improve its appearance, help it reflect light and ensure its condition is easy to maintain.

Prior to the application of a protective coating, it is important to look at certain factors in order to select the most appropriate application. The surrounding environment and any impact that the elements may have on the concrete should be considered, along with the exposure to rain, water and other weather conditions. Finally, the daily impact of vehicles and people will also factor into the choice of coating.

The condition of concrete needs to be fully assessed before any work begins. Concrete requires the highest standard of surface preparation which is why it is important to use reputable professionals. We operate with an adherence to all regulations and we ensure that every step is taken to thoroughly assess all concrete structures and determine the appropriate coating.

We have vast knowledge and experience and we are able to offer the best advice and recommendations. If a surface is treated with an incompatible coating, it will be insufficiently protected, but our customers can rest assured we will always apply the right coatings to each surface. If you need advice and information regarding our protective coatings and full range of services get in touch today and we will be happy to help.