Completing repair and refurbishment projects

When you employ professionals to undertake your structural refurbishment tasks, it is important to engage industry specialists. We have devised specialised services that focus on supplying affordable and long term solutions, including joint sealing and waterproofing, general repairs and more. We approach every case with a view to satisfying individual requirements and we will always offer a tailored service to each and every client.

Masonry is generally used for internal and retaining walls. With regard to masonry construction, there is a world of opportunity presented by concrete blocks as they provide substantial compressive strength. When materials such as bricks and stones are used, they add to a building’s thermal mass and provide increased protection from fire. A further benefit of masonry is the fact that it does not need to be painted which reduces the costs of maintaining its appearance. It is also completely inflammable. Its inherent strength provides stronger resistance to the effects of tornadoes such as flying debris which helps to diminish any damage.

Masonry is of course not completely invulnerable, and it must be constructed on a strong foundation due to its powerful weight. If construction occurs on an insufficient base the inevitable result is cracking and setting. Extremely cold temperatures also impact negatively on masonry as frost leads to major damage. The only way to avoid these circumstances is to ensure high quality tradesmen carry out your work.

The repair services we provide include brick stitching that restores strength to your structure and stabilises any cracks in your masonry walls. Your masonry and brickwork will in most cases last a very long time, but as with anything it is not uncommon to see the need for repairs on occasion. We can provide you with repointing, pressure pointing, joint sealing and waterproofing and wall anchor and tie repair.