Concrete damage and the methods of repair

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials on the planet, used to construct a mind-boggling variety of structures from walls to bridges to houses and countless others. Concrete bears the weight of many structures, and this is why repairs are often necessary. A hole or damaged area can have disastrous consequences if left unrepaired and exposed to the elements, making a building vulnerable. In many buildings, concrete is mixed with a number of aggregates, leading to stronger structures, which means that specialist repairs are needed when a fault occurs.

We specialise in concrete repair and can utilise a variety of innovative methods to restore concrete structures and surfaces back to full strength. The level of repair generally depends on the damage done. For cracks and minor damage, localised patch repairs of concrete will suffice in strengthening the concrete once again. Fairing coats and levelling mortars also prove useful in levelling out and repairing cracks and minor damage in a concrete structure.

For more extensive jobs, we can perform cementitious repairs to restore and repair defective concrete and restore the strength of the original structure. High performance concrete reinstatement is another specialty of ours, allowing us to repair objects constructed of special types of concrete and ensuring they conform to all the required legal regulations. Flowable and poured concrete is also useful for large areas of damage where a large amount of concrete is needed for the reparation. It is also useful for the specialist floor repairs that our team can carry out.

It is important that concrete repair work is carried out swiftly, particularly if the damage is extensive. Our team are fully trained and experienced in all manner of concrete repair, and can ensure that all of your concrete reparation needs are completely taken care of. No matter the age of the concrete or the extent of the damage, you can be assured that we will be there to help with our concrete repair expertise.