Concrete is still strong when sprayed

Sprayed concrete is more or less exactly what its name entails. The technique involves spraying or blasting the material right onto a surface or structure. The process is fast and allows great control over the stream, meaning it can be placed wherever it is needed with minimal wastage or mess.

Construction projects are becoming even more varied and complex as the years go on and so new or different strategies have to be implemented to complete them. Sprayed concrete acts as a prime example of an innovation that has allowed even the most complicated of projects to be completed to the highest standard.

There exist a number of characteristics that make spraying concrete more advantageous when compared to the general method of pouring the material. Sprayed concretes tend to have a lower water/cement ratio than their poured counterparts. This offers many benefits including allowing the use of a low slump mix capable of supporting itself without sagging.

People can also expect the sprayed concrete to reach high compressive strengths, especially with the low ratio and the dense compaction produced by the applications high velocity. Rapid strength gain is also obtained with this method, particularly if factory batched materials are used. As a result strengths as much as 30% higher than those of conventionally placed concretes can be achieved.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we go out of our way to ensure that our work with sprayed concretes meets your expectations to the fullest extent. Despite the fact that it is applied by spraying rather than being traditionally laid, the concrete still acts as a dependable and strong material in construction work.

Our team are highly experienced at concrete spraying and have both the training and equipment to reach the highest standards. If you are interested in our services and would like to find out more, feel free to contact us. We will offer advice and information about this fantastic technique and what we can do with it.