Concrete Maintenance

Why is Concrete Maintenance so Important?

As Governments around the globe wrestle with finding the best solutions to combat the coronavirus pandemic a similar conundrum is more than likely experienced by many when deciding upon the most appropriate timing and methods that should be adopted when considering the maintenance of concrete within a structure.

Timing of your concrete maintenance is of the upmost importance. Started too early and the process may need to be repeated again; if undertaken too late the process could involve huge amounts of repair costs or even experience greater consequences.

Very often the spalling of concrete is considered by many as whilst being unsightly to not have any real detrimental effect to the integrity of that structure. 

As we all know concrete is one of the most widely used building products that is used in connection with the construction of major structures.  As with most products, concrete, if left unmaintained will over time deteriorate and so will from time to time require maintenance and or repair. The recent and sad events experienced in Miami, serve as an example of this. 

The maintenance of concrete in its static state can quite simply range from straightforward cleaning to remove dirt and other deleterious build-ups that are created from within the environment to the re-application of specialist protective coatings, intrusive and non-intrusive testing that enables the performance of the concrete within a structure to be accurately monitored and checked through to repair and or replacement of key elements of concrete that form the structure.   

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology, we have the expertise and know-how available to help, advise and guide you around the timing of and provide the most appropriate and economic concrete maintenance regimes. Whether that be a straightforward cleaning solution using our environmentally friendly state of the art cleaning equipment, or accurate and effective surveying and testing solutions, the application of protective coatings, installation of corrosion control measures or the repair and replacement of damaged or deteriorated concrete surfaces.   

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