Concrete preparation through cleaning

As with any other type of surface, concrete needs to be prepared before it is modified or otherwise changed. There are numerous ways to prepare concrete but, perhaps most importantly, it needs to be cleaned comprehensively before any changes are made to it. There are two primary methods of doing this: fungicidal cleaning, to remove algae and mould, and high pressure washing to clean away dirt that may have accumulated over the years. Our experts have extensive expertise with cleaning concrete and carrying out concrete repair in the Channel Islands, preparing surfaces for whatever lies ahead.

Preparation is important when it comes to concrete. If concrete is improperly prepared, then any work carried out on it will have poor results. Concrete’s condition needs to be improved before work can be completed and cleaning is a vital part of this. Cleaning can be challenging, depending on the age of the concrete and how often it is exposed to the elements, but our team are well equipped to complete even the hardest jobs.

Fungicidal cleaning is carried out using specialist cleaning products in order to produce a satisfactory result. From mould to lichen, a lot of biological matter can attach to concrete and completely ruin the aesthetic, as well as hampering further decoration of the concrete. During our cleaning process, the biological matter itself is scrubbed away as thoroughly as possible, then fungicide is applied to destroy the remnants and hamper any subsequent growth.

High pressure washing easily strips away most of the stubborn stains affecting concrete and leaves you with a surface that looks practically new. It is especially perfect for texturised concrete, as plenty of dirt can become locked in the nooks and crannies, which makes orthodox methods of cleaning insufficient in most cases. If concrete has been affected by gum or spray paint, then high pressure washing can remove them without the need for intensive scrubbing.

We have over fifteen years of experience in regards to contracting and dealing with most concrete-related issues. You can be assured that our expertise with concrete cleaning and concrete repair in the Channel Islands allows us to provide you with the best possible services when it comes to surface preparation. All tasks that we carry out are done so with health and safety in mind, keeping you and our workers safe, whilst we can also provide helpful advice coming from our years of experience within the industry. No matter the size of the concrete preparation project, our team will do all that they can to provide you with a satisfactory result.