Structural Strengthening

motorway-bridgeThe requirement for structural strengthening is determined by many factors. Such as building codes, concrete deterioration, and deficiencies caused by original construction or design errors. Also in the ever-changing world in which we now live , the use of a building or structure may change throughout its designed service life. Structural strengthening is the process of upgrading structures to improve performance under existing loads or to increase the strength to carry additional loads.

Increased loading requirements or enhanced building standards may require improved bending, shear or impact resistance. Churchill Concrete Technology have the knowledge and expertise to assist in these circumstances.

Using established well proven and market leading products Churchill Concrete Technology are able to undertake cost effective efficient CRFP based structural strengthening solutions that offer high performance whole life service durability.

Carbon fibre has very high tensile strength but is also extremely light in weight and when bonded to the external surface of concrete columns, beams or slabs can provide significant strengthening benefits without imposing increased loads on foundations or other structural members.

Whether using wrap, plating or specialist high performance adhesives Churchill Concrete Technology have the knowledge and in-house expertise to carry out this work so please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements for this type of work.