Deciding to replace or fix concrete

Churchill Concrete Technology is a dynamic, highly experienced company. Offering services from concrete repair to protective coatings, to brick and masonry repairs, we can ensure that structures and surfaces are strong. Our focus is on achieving the highest standards every single time.  

Concrete is considered to be the most versatile, sturdy and resilient building material. Unfortunately it doesn’t last forever; over time it’s exposure to the elements causes damages and wear. Luckily repairs can be done and with good maintenance concretes will last much longer.

Understanding when concrete is beyond repair is what Churchill are skilled at determining. Generally, we come across materials that only need a repair job, which is always a fortunate case. Sometimes replacement is the only option though.

If the material is cracked it should be replaced to prevent conditions like frost heave, sunken concrete, and widespread deep cracks. Any compound used to patch these types of cracks is only a short term solution. It is unwise to choose this option because it will result in further costs down the line.

Surfaces that have suffered from sunken concrete, frost heave, and widespread deep cracks will have to undergo extensive repair works rather than simple patching. The process in order to fix the damage would be to remove the material, remove the sub grade, replace it with compactable material, compact it, and pour back concrete.

When concrete is damaged there is generally always a possibility for it to be repaired. Catching it early is a sure way of keeping the repair cost down. Churchill offer survey and testing for this reason. With professional inspections we can spot even the smallest signs that wear needs attention.

If you require any of our concrete repair solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can provide an excellent service from start to finish, ensuring surface are sound physically and aesthetically.