Discussing the numerous forms of concrete coatings

Concrete is robust by itself, but we always recommend that our clients add in some protective coatings for insurance. By applying the right kind of defence to your structures, you can extend their life spans beyond their original limits. We have the means to provide a wide variety of solutions to you. Although they are effective, strategies that worked in one scenario might not be successful in another.

We divide concrete coatings into two groups; thick and thin films. The thinner options could be a penetrating sealer or acrylic variant. The former is capable of permeating to four inches in depth and performs well whilst guarding against de-icing chemicals as well as moisture. Thicker films include two-component epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurethane exertions. Two-unit products such as these are resins with a hardener.

Are there any other kinds of coatings?

There are water-formed acrylic coatings too, which shrivel clear and quickly. However, their performance attributes are lower, as are their life spans. Solvent-based acrylics also work rapidly and aren’t complicated to use. The main differences with them are that they withstand stains and penetrate more coherently. They supply us with a profound translucent finish for a more intense colour.

Once concrete starts hardening, the cement and water begin to rise. Once this bleed water dries, the remaining surface concrete becomes porous and not as resistant to wear as the slab’s centre. We bring in coatings referred to as densifiers to top up the surface pores. The objective here is to compact and solidify concrete, and restrict porosity. They’re good for penetration, ensure weighty traffic, and provide outstanding moisture and salt resistance.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we offer a myriad of options for protective coatings. They include the likes of anti-carbonation, structural steel, chloride resistant, and decorative solutions. Which one we use will depend on the circumstances.

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