Ensure that your surface is sound

Due to concrete’s versatile nature, you might be inclined to believe that working with it is a relatively simple process. This isn’t the case however; surface preparation is required before the general work if you want long lasting results. As experts when it comes to this type of work, we are the ones to call if you wish to get your money’s worth out of your concrete.
When it comes to assessing concrete surface preparation specifications, the first step is to conduct a visual examination in order to discover the surface’s current state. It’s critical that you’re aware of the substance’s history, including the chemicals it has been exposed to and other details like whether there is a vapour barrier. During the inspection, you should also be looking for exposed aggregate, laitance, porosity, cracks, evidence of curing compound membranes, and surface hardness.

If you happen to be testing for surface soundness, a good idea would be to use a screwdriver, pocketknife or file to scratch it. The metallic item should ride over the surface without causing any particles to come loose and leaving only a shiny mark behind. If a gouge manifests, then the material isn’t sound and won’t support epoxy or polyurethane coating systems.

One other soundness testing approach that you could use is to utilise a hammerhead’s edge to strike the surface. Should the hammer rebound sharply and leave a minor fracture behind the surface is sound. If you experience a dull thud and find powder in the crater, the surface is neither sound nor is it paintable. Unsound surfaces may be the result of degradation due to a chemical attack, an inadequate cure or concrete mix, laitance, or a number of other factors.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we have quite the reputation across the country for offering some of the finest surface preparation work in the industry. Whatever kind of service it is that your concrete requires, we have both the talents and the technology to carry it out to the highest of standards.

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