Ensuring concrete structures stand for years to come

Where concrete structures are concerned, structural strengthening is essential. This process is often necessary where there is noticeable deterioration, otherwise the structure may be at risk of falling down. We offer high quality services including protective coatings, repairs and strengthening to ensure concrete structures remain in top condition for many years to come. Whatever work needs to be done, you can place your complete trust in our team to perform an outstanding job.

A number of different products can be used to strengthen a concrete structure. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates are particularly useful for strengthening and repairs due to their high tensile strength. They can handle increased loads and can be provided in a number of lengths and widths for maximum customisation. The plates add structural strength in areas where it is needed the most without adding much additional weight to the structure itself. We also supply fibre reinforced fabrics, which provide support and prevent additional stresses on the concrete.

We also offer high strength concrete, which can be used either in construction itself or in the repair of damaged concrete. It offers a far higher compressive strength than traditional concrete, and is often strengthened either by lowering the amount of water added to the mixture or by adding mineral mixtures to the concrete. The resulting substance is incredibly durable and hard-wearing, capable of withstanding a lot more wear and tear than traditional concrete. When protective coatings are applied, it can offer years of durability.

Structural strengthening can ensure that buildings, roads and bridges enjoy a long life and do not fail at a critical time. We have worked with a number of different clients and have extensive experience when it comes to strengthening structures, so you can rely on our team to complete the work you need, paying close attention to every detail to ensure superior results.